Head Italian

the Winners of 2006 edition

by Lucia Belli
Animated drawing

"“For the perfect combining between music and pictures, for the lightly of the sign which sweetly marks the motion of the souls”.

Lucia Belli Matilde Tortora Artistic Director, Giuseppe Aieta the Mayor of Cetraro, the President of Province Mario Oliviero and the president of Laboratory G. Losardo Gaetano Bencivinni Simone Massi, Francesca Villani

to Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Digital animation

"To have created an original and suggestive work using the elegant motion of two rags, the work pervaded by an high feeling of freedom".

Massimo Carrier Ragazzi digital animation winner Margherita Ganeri, Matilde Tortora Artistic Director, Simone Massi, Gaetano Bencivinni The president of Association Gaetano GesmundoGroup picture with the winner Lucia Belli

Special guest Simone Massi

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