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the Winners of 2007 edition

Khelom's Customs
by Irina Litmanovich
Animated drawing

Gesmundo Gaetano and Irina Litmanovich "For the excellent use of the technique of cut-out animation, for the gentleness and irony used to handle the themes of memory and roots"

Aalim SchÄdel
by Martin Rahmlow
Digital animation

"The author has lavished all his passion in every single frame of the film. The result is high level animation, with dantesque suggestions and a final message of love and hope".

Foto The President of the Jury Robert Kalman, Member of the UNESCO Executive Committee Gaetano Gesmundo, Francesca Villani, Irina Litmanovich, Matilde Tortora Artistic Director Gaetano Gesmundo, Matilde Tortora, Irina Litmanovich, Gaetano Bencivinni The President of the association Gaetano Gesmundo and Robert Kalman, Member of the UNESCO Executive Committee Special mention sect. Animated drawing:

Facciamo grande la TV dei piccoli
by Sergio Manfio

"For the cultural and social value, the high realization quality for this short Animation Movie mainly directed to adutls, which suggest us how the children television should be and what should be its contents".

God on our side
by Michal Pfeffer & Uri Kranot

"In dealing with the issue of Jewish-Arab conflict incisiveness and compassion result into a successful artistic effort, an animated film inspired to Picasso’s Guernica which conveys all the evil and violence of present day conflicts involving children and their future".

Foto2 Robert Kalman, Member of the UNESCO Executive Committee and the Mayor of Cetraro Giuseppe Aieta Group picture with the member of the Jury Anna Kiss Giuseppe Aieta and Artistic Director Matilde Tortora Artistic Director Robert Kalman and Giuseppe Aieta

Corti animazione Corti in Concorso

International Animation Day: 28th of October

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