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The Winners Of 2010 Edition

Il Pasticcere
by Alberto Antinori, Adolfo Di Molfetta, Giulia Landi, Eugenio Laviola

Animated drawing

Alberto Antinori, Adolfo Di Molfetta, Giulia Landi, Eugenio LaviolaOriginal, amusing, accomplished with mastery and a "greedy" apthos, this short film also attracts thanks to
its classical cross-references revisited in a modern and playful way

Something Left, Something Taken
by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata
Digital AnimationMax Porter and Ru Kuwahata

For the masterly use of various and composite animation techniques, for the good mix of comedy and thriller with a wink at cinema and TV series and urban events, for the constant rhythm and the funny final surprise.

Foto edizione 2010 Gaetano Gesmundo, Francesca Villani, Anna Rosa Gesmundo The town band The audience Gaetano Gesmundo, Catherine McGilvray, Matilde Tortora Mayor Giuseppe Aieta Foto edizione 2010 Matilde Tortora and Gaetano Bencivinni Gaetano Gesmundo Matilde Tortora and Catherine McGilvray Elena Fazio and Mirella Mannarino The Orchestra conductor

Special Mention:

Abeille Road
(Animated Drawing) by Morgane Bader

For the choice and masterly use of technique, which has eminent precedents, for the actual and urgent topic and the undoubted expressive charm resulting from it.

(Animated Drawing) by Signe Baumane

A film in which the author, by means of drawing, stroke, colour, was able to express a hard matter with 'pietas' , empathy and reason, achieving very intense and original results.

(Digital Animation) by David Apikian

Technical skill is used to accomplish a truly modern work in which movement and abstract shapes contribute to a creation of outstanding originality.

(Digital Animation)
by Sarolta Szabo and Tibor Banoczki

A work which skillfully uses different techniques and creativity, a videoclip by two Hungarian authors in the manner of the great Eastern European animation, which enthralls and attracts. Created for the music of a singer-songwriter, it reveals how much rhythm there is into animation, every form of animation.

(Digital Animation)) by Manuel Sirgo

Ingenious, ironical: a skillful mix of modern and classical animation.

Night Fishing with Cormorants
(Digital Animation) by Betsy Kopmar

A beautiful and fascinating work containing inspirations coming from a distant literary and pictorial past. By using them, with no naturalistic but absolutely modern strokes, the author manages to reach a perfect communion with the natural world.

Foto edizione 2010 Maria Rosaria Fullone Young audiences Francesco La Regina Francesca Villani and Francesco Kostner Gaetano Gesmundo, Francesca Villani, Anna Rosa Gesmundo Foto edizione 2010 Matilde Tortora Artistic Director Catherine McGilvray Musicians Musicians

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