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The Winners Of 2012 Edition

Merci mon chien
by Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Animated Drawing

Rembauville and Bianco-LevrinA fast and humorous story about trying to interact with what is considered to be one’s own family and about the difficulty of carving out a niche for oneself: an original, topical animation film, skilfully and technically well planned, which communicates the emotions of an ordinary lack of harmony.

by Max Hattler
Digital Animation
Max Hattler

A strong, enthralling auteur film, with a high technical level, this work is powerful abstraction and high experimentation, with a successful blend of music and image, driving us to contemporary age, to the state of present things and its dreadfulness.

Foto edizione 2012 Julie_Rembauville Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco - Levrin e il direttore artistico Matilde Tortora Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco - Levrin with Gaetano and Anna Rosa Gesmundo Nicolas Bianco Levrin Max Hattler and Gaetano Gesmundo Foto edizione 2010 Head of Culture of the Cosenza's Province Dr. Maria Francesca Corigliano Cetraro's Mayor Giuseppe Aieta The screenwriter Valeria Moretti and head of Culture of the Cosenza's Province Dr. Maria Francesca Corigliano Julie Rembauville and Francesca Villani Max Hattler and Anna Rosa Gesmundo

Special Mention

La Veuve Caillou
(Animated Drawing) by Agnès Patron

Great correspondence between theme and technique, with strong dramatic notes and expressive maturity.

Sky Paper
(Animated Drawing) by G. Bello, E. Biagioni, C. Carullo, G. Furlan, M. Maruca, A. Oberosler, M. Martinez

The film deals with environment-unfriendly behaviours, has a good narrative rhythm and animation technique. And a surprising final!

Je ne suis Personne
(Animated Drawing)by Jonas Schoesing

Inspired by Fernando Pessoa’s “Le livre de l’intranquillité”, the film reproduces its fragmented, subjective, intimate tones, with imaginative skill and a good animation technique.

My window
(Digital Animation) by Anabela Costa

“Beyond the window” is a popular topic on the screen: here it is particularly original, experimental and abstract.

Grand Prix
(Digital Animation) by Marc Riba  & Anna Solanas

An ironic film, a race with an expected winner but with appropriate overturnings and peculiar musicians , planned with outstanding technical skills.

La Sole entre l’eau et le sable
(Digital Animation) by Angèle Chiodo

The great mystery of evolution is here narrated with an interesting self- involvement. Original, inventive and well planned.

Foto edizione 2010 Editor in Chief TGR Rai Calabria Annamaria Terremoto Editor in Chief ANSA regionale Filippo Veltri and Annamaria Terremoto The President Gaetano Bencivinni and the President Gaetano Gesmundo Luigi De Francesco with Francesca Villani The audience

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