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The Winners Of 2013 Edition

by di Cléo Biasini

Animated Drawing

KINOBUSS PARADE The authoress succeeds in representing gestures and expressions of the various characters and in suggesting their different social and cultural identities on an “animation road”. The film, with rhythm and mastery, achieves surprising and humoristical effects while we are following the vicissitudes of a young woman who is grappling with the making of a film and with cinematographers definitely unpredictable.

by Luca Fiore
Digital Animation

A metropolitan graffiti and a man, an elephant drawn on a wall and a man who share the same urban context, the same environment, but have not learned to interact yet. It is an original and interesting short based on the meaning and the potential qualities of the drawing which very often men miss, and on the difficult y of any other interaction.

Foto edizione 2013 Gaetano Gesmundo
The Spouses Gesmundo and the Artistic Director Matilde Tortora
The audience Anna Maria Terremoto, Matilde Tortora, Fernando Miglietta
Max Hattler and Gaetano Gesmundo Foto edizione 2010 The audience Gaetano Gesmundo, Anna Rosa Gesmundo, Orazio Garofalo Arcangelo Badolati and Michele Cucuzza The audience
Max Hattler and Anna Rosa Gesmundo

Special Mention

(Animated Drawing) by Morgane Le Pechon

Dazzling images narrate of how a little girl while going along the road back home, happens to go unexpectedly through forests, to meet frightening animals and even to cross the sea. A “noir” adventure which is also a lively modern fairy tale.

(Animated Drawing) by Daniela Wayllace

The authoress succeeds in dealing with a very important theme: human rights and violence against a young girl, through a crescendo of strokes, music, and images well mastered and really involving, able to tell the indescribable with intensity of emotions and a coherent structure of the tale.

Corti animazione

International Animation Day:
11th In EUROPE

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