Head Italiano


Jonathan Ostos Yaber
by Francesca Villani

Your film, La nostalgia del Sig. Alambre, has incredible numbers: how long did its making take and how many people were involved in this project?
The film took around 1 year and 8 months of production, from first drafts of the script to the final 5.1 sound mix, it involve more than 60 artists, from storyoboard ilustrators, puppet makers, CG modellers, animators, sound designers and musicians.

How can you sum up the content of your film: love, art that surpasses life, the love for art?
Its a film about life in general, cause in it i wanted to show that life is about choices everyone makes, you choose your own path and how it will evolve, and with this all the different themes emerge, and in this particular film i wanted to show all types of Love, from love to someone, love to your own work, the love to art, love to be famous, but also what can happen with it if you choose differently, if you hesitate, even for a second, everything changes, and its not bad or good, its just decision we make. And at the end we have to face them.

In the end of the film, we realize the story within the story of Mr. Wire, which is quite sad and melancholic. Is there supposed to be a final message?
I guess "Choose what your heart tells you to". For me a happy ending is one we can think of much more after the film is finish, and if it moves you in some way, i did my job, and for me its a happy ending, doesent matter if it looks sad or melancholic at first sight.

How did you get the idea of Mr. Wire?
It was a mix of two main things, first a drawing i did long time ago, about a guy with a very big head and with a small hat, with it i realize i had a story to tell with him, from the beginning it look like a lonely guy for me, but with an amazing story inside. And then some years after i meet in a Jazz bar in Bristol, UK, a homeless guy with a case full of wires, and i didn't knew what where they for, but i was very intrigued, so i decided one day to see what he was doing with does, and i got a great surprise, he created wire puppets and gave them to people for a smile, and glass of beer, he created all types of things, from wire turtles, to dolls and birds, and i was lucky enough to get an small bicycle, and with this encounter, my mind went crazy and immediately related that drawing to this guy and what he had lived with his amazing talent.

What is the role of animation films, experimentation, entertainment or technology?
For me it has as much roles as you want to put them, in animation you can do what ever you want, from the most complex film to the most bizarre installation, and both are as important, cause without experimentation we could not be able to achieve visual and narrative perfection, and the other way around, so for me itīs about achieving as much as your imagination gives you, and not limitate yourself to what the standards say.

How would you define yourself as an artist?
One with many things to accomplish, many projects, films and characters in mind, and too many things to learn, I'm all the time searching for something to do next, i want to do as many things as possible, from animated to live action films, music videos, live shows, and what ever comes next, I'm glad to live in such a great time for art and technology, we can be free if we are smart enough to learn what ever comes to our door.

How did you decide you would become a filmmaker, and how does this combine with your other occupations?
My life is really about film, music and animation, so they combine perfectly, I'm a big fan of art, at one point some people can say I'm a geek, cause i really enjoy watching films, animations and going to music concerts, so that mix of passion and the small amount of talent i have, got together and made me realize i had to do what directors and musicians i admire, were doing. My first approach to animation was at 13 years old, i was looking for comic book illustration classes and i ended up going to a classical animation class every Saturday and Sunday for over 2 years, and in the moment i gave life to the first character i decided "this is my life!

What do you know about Italy and Italian cinema?
I know a lot of great film directors, with such amazing films, I'm a big fan of the "Giallo" films, like Suspiria, What Have You Done to Solange?, and Tenebrae, and for me Dario Argento is one of the great masters of horror. Also i really enjoy the duo between Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone in The Spaghetti Western, they change in so many ways film making.

Our festival is dedicated to Simona Gesmundo , a young and talented graduate in artificial intelligence. What is your opinion of artificial intelligence applied to animation?
I think is a new way of doing things, and it change the game for so many animators, but i take it as a great tool more than a genre or "the best way of doing animation" as a lot of people think, its just another opportunity for people to get in touch with animation, as more popular it gets as better, cause it will help us as artists to achieve what we want, doesn't matter if its about storytelling or experimentation.

Are you currently working at new projects?
Yes I'm working in two films at the moment, one a feature film, in animation, in the same style of "La Nostalgia del Seņor Alambre", mix media, and it will take me around 3 years to complete. And the other is a live action short film, that will tell the never ending story of a rumor.


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