Naming of the Simona Gesmundo School

In May 20, 2008 the cerimony for the naming of the Scuola Materna to Simona GeTarga scuolasmundo, in Naples, street Aquileia. To the cerimony participated the authority, all the school professors and a representative group of students.

There have been the assessor of Instruction of the City of Naples, Dott.ssa Gioia Rispoli, the president of it, David Lebro, the Dott.ssa Flavia Freda, the commissioner for Cultural Heritage of the Fourth Districts, the president of Commission of Toponomy of Naples, Prof. Ernesto Paolozzi, the Dott.ssa Margherita Cefaro, School leaders.

During the cerimony a group of students of the new named school "Scuola Materna Simona Gesmundo" have danced with Neapolitan folk music. It was also showed the marble which will be located in the School hall, created by a Neapolitan artist.
In the following the words of the plate:

Scuola Materna IV Municipalitą
Simona Gesmundo
Comune di Napoli

The cerimony was followed by tv, radio and newspaper.

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