corti in concorso 2007

sezione disegno animato


Klelom's customs

Klelom's customs (2006 4' 45'')
by Irina Litmanovich,

based on poem of O. Driz


L'acqua che balla L'acqua che balla (2004 15'15'')
by Sonia Montagner e Sergio Manfio,

from a famous popular tale




God on our side

God on our side (2005 7'02'')
by Uri Kranot and Michal Pfeffer,

inspired by Picasso's Guernica, this film is fundamentally about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the name of God, people are infused with rage and violence



Acrobatic ( 2006 3'01'')
by Nora Gergely,

the subject of film is a play of body and balance. A special "sign" of expression of human body and beauty



Egyedem, begyedem - One, Two, Three

Egyedem, begyedem - One, Two, Three
by Dóra Keresztes,

Wizard figures of folk tales take us into a world of perpetual growth and rebirth, always doomed to disintegrate an disappear …




Opus (2000 14'12'')
by Gianni Lucchesi,

the animation narrates an evolutionary distance through metaphor of the relationship between movement of one figure and the mutation of the earth on wich it lives, moves



Moon (2003 4'00'')
by Andrea Pierri, Every night was the same. The moon winked at the wolf, but he couldn't see her. A fragment of life. A memory from our past, or maybe a future that will never be



Campo dell'Epoca

Campo dell'Epoca (5' 49")

by Andrea Petrucci





Sirena (1' 15")

by Cecilia Ciampoli





R.I.O.T. (1' 16")

by Giacomo Luchena




Mangia, Mangia, Mangia

Mangia, Mangia, Mangia (1' 10")





La Caduta

La Caduta (1' 36")

by David Roccabella




Il Terzo Strumento

Il Terzo Strumento (1' 54")

by Veronica Azzinari





Rosso (2' 53")
by Giulia Arcangeli





Membrana (3' 15")
by Luisa Nanni




Albore di Carne

Albore di Carne (2'50")
by Niccolò Tabanelli




I Grillipenduli

I Grillipenduli (3'16")
by Alessandra Stefanini




Cappuccetto Rosso

Cappuccetto Rosso (0'58")
by Valentina Venturi




Punto di Fuga

Punto di Fuga (1'25")
by Luciano Andrei Gallo





Satura (2'30")
by Andrea Ferri




Da una Lacrima

Da una Lacrima (1'16")
by Valeria Prosperi and Valerio Cirioni




Il Gusto

Il Gusto (2'15")
by Valeria Cuccioli




El Alma es la Memoria

El Alma es la Memoria (5'54")
by Sergio Gutierrez




31 Agosto 1944

31 Agosto 1944 (4'37")
by Luca Di Sciullo, Luciano Andrei Gallo,

Ermanno Dilani, Georgia Ponzoni and David Roccabella




Anna Achmotova's room

Anna Achmotova's room (5'30")
by Nora Gergely





sezione corti d'animazione in digitale


Collision (2005 2'30'')
by Max Hattler Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection



Looping Love

Looping Love (2006 10')
by Vincenzo Gioanola

my darling, let's play ring-a-ring-o'-roses.

Obsession, obsession!



I love in you

I love in you (2006 1'30)
by Luciano De Fraia

inspired to Nazim Hikmet's poetry, to evocate the emotions of love, dedicated to Naples my hometown, today, lost in vortex of criminality and political corruption


Facciamo grande la TV dei piccoli

Facciamo grande la TV dei piccoli(40")
by Sergio Manfio




Aal im Schädel

Aal im Schädel (2006 17')
by Martin Rahmlow





by Luciano De Fraia




The Dictation

The Dictation (2004 4'06'')
by Lavinia Chianello and Tomás Creus




Jun Roku Zakura

Jun Roku Zakura (2')

by Edoardo Troilo




Life sucks

Life sucks (56")

by Edoardo Troilo






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