7th International Animation Day In EUROPE

Banja Luka - International Festival of Animated Film “Banjalukanima”
12th – 27th October
This festival organized by the Association for Visual Arts Fenix Art represents
historical continuity of film animation in Banja Luka, which has it roots in The May
Festival of Animated Film held in 1971.
The programme consists in different sections such as a competitive programme, an
informative selection of the films, workshops of animated film, book promotions,
exhibitions, an author's presentation and an entertainment programme. Polish
animated films, Bill Plympton’s and Uzi & Lotta Geffenblad’s films, and also films from
all around the world (Asifa exchanges) will be screened.
Web: www.banjalukanima.org
Banja Luka - French Cultural Centre
During October, the French Cultural Centre will join different cultural structures to
celebrate the IAD. In collaboration with the City House of Culture, “The school is
animated” operation will consist in screening a selection of animated films in schools
of Mrkonjic Grad. Special screenings will also be organized in the City House of
Culture in Srbac.
Web: http://culturebalkans.org/index.php/ccf-banja-luka.html
Sofia - Cinema Odeon & French Cultural Institute
22nd & 23rd of October
Asifa Bulgaria presents two programmes of Polish animation in collaboration with the
Polish Institute: a best-of from the Reanimacija Festival (Poland) undertaken by
Izabela Wiebzinska, manager of the festival and Woytek Wawszczyk’s films.
28th of October
Asifa Bulgaria and the French Cultural Centre will join different cultural structures to
celebrate the IAD.
Two screenings of French Student’s animated films from the Festival E-Magiciens
and from the programme Afca-Asifa France will be organized at the NATFIZ School
(For Arts, Theatre and Cinema) and at the French Institute. And the Cinema Odeon
will showcase the feature film U by Serge Elissalde, and a selection of the best shorts
from Annecy Festival.
Web: www.institutfrance.bg
Zagreb - Movie Theatre Centre
30th of October
Asifa Croatia will present “The Day of Croatian Animation” that will be held in the
movie theatre in the Centre of Zagreb. The programme will be: works by children and
young adults, student films, professional Croatian Animation 2007/2008. The jury will
evaluate the films and give awards: Cash awards for the first three awards in
professional's competition; diplomas to schools and workshops in the children's
Life achievement award will be given to Ernest Gregl who gave an important
contribution to the preservation of the National Film Fund.
Tallin -Animated Dreams Festival
Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams in co-operation with animation department
of the Estonian Academy of Arts is organising monthly screenings of animated films
in the auditorium of Kumu Art Museum (Weizenbergi 34, Tallinn). Next event on 28
October at 18:00 will be organised in the frame of International Animation Day in
Estonia. The guest is Polish animator Krzysztof Brzozowski from Se-ma-for studio,
who will present an Oscar-winning puppet film Peter and the Wolf by Suzie
Templeton (32 min, 2006).
The festivities will go on with special events from 19th to 23rd November for the 10th
birthday of the festival
Web: www.poff.ee/anima
15th – 28th October
Afca – Asifa France coordinates 15 days of festivities around animation. More than
200 cultural structures will join the celebration through special screenings,
exhibitions, workshops and meetings with directors and professionals working in the
animation field. Some organizers will screen films from all around the world thanks to
Asifa exchanges in Paris, Nantes, Brittany and Alps.
Michel Ocelot will be the guest of honour. He will show his first shorts, his feature
films Kirikou and Azur and Asmar and he will meet the audiences to explain his
secrets to make films.
Web: www.afca.asso.fr
Athens - Athens School of Fine Arts Amphitheatre
22nd of October
Asifa Greece organizes for the third continuous year the celebration of the
International Animation Day. For the first time under its supervision, a selection of
Greek and American animated films will be screened.
Web: www.syllipsis.com.gr
Asifa Hungary will organize celebration in different cultural places. There will be
screenings of Asifa programs.
Web: www.manifeszt.hu
Dudelange - The Library of the National Centre of Audiovisual
For its first participation to the IAD, the Library of CNA will showcase a selection of 20
contemporary national shorts. The historian Paul Lesch will be invited to talk with the
audience about animation. The Library will also offer to his public a programme of
animated films online, in collaboration with the VOD website Toondra and Afca-Asifa
Web: www.cna.lu
Rimini - Cinema Teatro Tiberio
The International Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics, organized by Cartoon
Club, cooperating with the Province of Rimini, will organize the screening of the long
feature film Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro directed by Hayao Miyazaki, plus a
series of short animated movies dedicated to children and selected from the last
editions of Cartoon Club itself. There will be movies from Italy and other European
countries, and the participation to the IAD 2008 has been advertised through local
radio networks, magazines and newspapers.
As a "following" of the IAD, the film Everyone's Hero will be screened on the 2nd of
November at the Supercinema theatre, in Santarcangelo (RN).
Web: www.cartoonclub.it
Napoli - 3rd Prize Simona Gesmundo for Animated Short films
In the award ceremony of animated shorts of two sections of the Prize (animated
design and digital one) for the scholar to artificial intelligence applied to cinema, gold
medal to memory, merit to the culture of President of the Republic in 2008, are
shown a selection film participants and winners. Are also screened a retrospective of
rarity of animated films of the past and major authors of animated films are invited to
present their films.
In 2008, the guest of honour will be the French director Caouissin Hoel. He will show
a selection of French film animation.
Web: www.premiosimonagesmundo.com
Warsaw and Lodz
28-29 October
The Kino Forma Foundation – organiser of the International Animated Film Festival
ReAnimacja - will organize screenings of animated films in two Polish cities: Warsaw
and Lodz. Polish audience will have a chance to take a closer look at productions
directly from: China, France, Portugal, Korea, USA (Atlanta), Russia, Israel, Brazil
and Hungary (Asifa exchanges).
Web: www.reanimacjafestival.com
Porto - Casa de Animaçao
28th Oct – 2nd November
The House of Animation (Casa da animaçao) will hold screenings all over the
country. They will propose various programmes from Portugal and from all over the
world (Asifa exchanges): Brazil, United States, Poland, Korea, Russia, China, France
and a special Cartoon d’Or Award 2008 programme. Workshops, screenings for
schools and exhibitions will also be proposed.
Web: www.casa-da-animacao.pt
RUSSIA (European part)
St. Petersburg - Multivision festival
25th – 26th October
For the 3rd year, Multivision Film Festival will organize some special screenings in
"Rodina" Cinema House, which is known as St. Petersburg Cinema Museum, and at
the Cinema Hall in Moscow. And during one night, Multivision Festival offers a
special party for the animation cinema artists and fans in a St. Petersburg night club.
Web: www.multivision.ru
Barcelona - Casa Golferichs
28th of October
Fundació Per La Pau invites the public to a screening of selected films and to the
prize giving to the winners of the “2nd Animations for Peace Award”. The participants
will be invited to vote to choose the film winning the Public Award.
Web: www.fundacioperlapau.org
The Swedish Animation and Visual Arts (SAAVA) will arrange screenings in eight
towns in Sweden: Eksjö, Eskilstuna, Göteborg, Härnösand, Sundsvall, Stockholm,
Trollhättan and Östersund, and the animation society "Animation i Vast" will celebrate
the IAD in Gothenburg by showing a collection of Swedish animation.
Web: www.animationivast.se

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