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It can be said, without denials, that we are living in the "animation cinema period", considering that this, during the digital era and the artificial intelligence application, includes or shares other different fields.

Consequently, it was important to gather the testimony of passion and care of Simona Gesmundo, who was a very talented young woman interested in artificial intelligence applied to cinema and a qualified viewer and author of animation short films. Therefore, it has been created the International Award of Animation Short Films, that puts the attention on news and innovations of a large number of cinema authors coming from different parts of the world and that is such a periscope that catches and brings in again the modernity.

In 2009 The President of the Italian Repubblic gave the gold medal of Culture and Art to the memory of Simona Gesmundo.


Cultur and Art Diplom delivering and Memorial Gold Medal to Simona Gesmundo. News Assigned the prize to the winners of edition 2013 Copyright 2006 Associazione del Premio Simona Gesmundo C.F.95074410630